The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By Courtney Kanthak


The Theme for THE BOY WHO SAVED BASEBALL is that if you have something gone or missing you do not just count on that person or thing. You just listen to your heart and do whats right.

Tom is my favorite Character

Tom is a unique person who does not come out in the story until the very end. In the begining, he is very shy and does not talk so much. At the end of te story, he tells everyone who he really is. He stands out more when it comes to Docs sad death. Tom to me is my awesome cousin Maggie. She is very shy ,but when she does something that helps others, she stands out.

Tom's Changes

Tom is a very nice boy. He has always been there for people. He wants to tell Doc about the baseball field. He wants to tell him that he should not sell the land, but he does not tell him that.   After Docs death, Tom looked at the back of his book and read that Tom gets to keep all of Docs money and all of his things!  Before that Tom did not know what to say to Doc. But Doc did. Tom changed a lot during the book. He started thinking about the game more serious. I think he changed in a positive way because he won the game for the whole team.


The most exciting part in the book is when Tom was looking through his book and he found what Doc wrote. He read it and he said, "Mom and Dad come here look at what I found."  It read, "Tom you can have all of my money and all of my things when I die."  The next day they went down to the court house and told them about this and they said it could not be his handwriting. So they looked at some papers that he signed and it was his handwriting!  Tom got to keep his house and he became a millionaire!   When I heard this part it made me feel excited about his future, and I had no idea that he would get that much money!

My Hero

My hero is my super cool and super nice Aunt Tana.  She is my Moms youngest sister and lives in Platte, SD where she is a wife, mother, sister and daughter.  She has 3 amazing children; Maggie, Allie and Emmie.  She works at the Platte Elementary School as the School Secretary.  She is the President of the Sunday School Board at her church.  I would give her my hero award because she is fun to be around, she is respectful to everyone, she also has a kind heart and helps kids and people in need.  She takes the time out of her busy schedule to come to my games and events.  I love seeing my family in the stands and sometimes I think I play better.  She is what I call an "everyday" hero.  She is kind and helpful to everyone, everyday!