Animorphs book 21 the threat

By K.A Applegate


after David just joined the animorphs he joins with a cause, but his actions like breaking the rules or doing things he shouldn't is raising the chances of having the group captured or change overall David might be the Animorphs biggest threat yet.

Plot and this book has 158 pages

David dissapears from the barn that night, jake finds him by morphing into his dog homer and following his scent to find him at a inn, morphed into a hawk and breaks into a window and enters a room withut paying the fee. Jake scolds him telling the consequences that might happen if he continues to do this, he then inspects the hall, to find out the Yeerks are planning to infest into each and one of the world leaders, when the group goes back to resort and go to the banquet hall where jake heard the plans of the Yeerks, they later find out they are trapped, with david betrays the Animorphs by leaving them so he wont die. with the hork-bajir surrounding them it took time eventually cassie found out they turned out to be holograms. The group now was mad at David for leaving them, have Ax and Jake persue him, they did at night to see that David had killed Tobias, fueled with anger David leads an angry Jake to a mall where they duel with David winning and leaving Jake to die.

a quote from the book

David shrugged "hanging out watching some tube, sleeping in a normal bed, what's that a crime". " Yeah it is a crime, you didn't even pay for this room" i said

this is the authors way of describing David's already becoming a threat to the team