The Steps of Photosynthesis

The plant's process of making food

Steps of Photosynthesis

1. The plant absorbs sunlight in the leaves in the chloroplasts.

2. The plant needs water and minerals delivered to the leaf through the xylem.

3. The plant needs carbon-dioxide which is taken in by the stomata

4. Photosythesis converts sun energy, water and carbon-dioxide to make food.

5. The food is delivered through the phloem tubes.

6. Oxygen is a waste product of photosynthesis, it is released through the stomata

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Parts of the Plant

  • transports water and minerals from the roots to the leaves
  • made up of tubes
  • transports food in leaves to the rest of the plant
  • made up of tubes
  • where food is made
  • food factory of the plant
  • helps plant reach for sun
  • transports food, water and minerals from the roots and leaves to the rest of the plant
  • acts as anchors for the plant
  • takes in water and nutrients
  • many different types: prop, fiberous, tap and storage roots