San Antonio .

Lessly Tovar

San Antonio The Place For Vacation .

Looking for a hotspot for a vacation ? Look no further because you just found San Antonio , the home of many historical monuments and other well known attractions .

The Alamo

One of the favorites town folks is the alamo . It has so much history of the past . The alamo is located at downtown . When you go inside it feels like it takes you back in time and you can feel like your reliving it .

The River Walk

Floating down the river walk is another favorite . It has river boats and you can get on them and they wll tell you about the history of the river walk and some nearby places around there . It has restaurants and it also has a mall and theres a lot of stores you can go shopping to .

The Tower Of Americas

Last but not least is the is the Tower Of Americas . It's located in the hemisphere park . It's so tall it's actually 750 foot tall . When your on the top you can see everything like the hotels and the mall and the restaurants , it has a really pretty view from up there . It has a restaurant in their . It also has a store where you can buy stuff of the tower when you go outside it starts to rotate and you can see the whole entire city .

Those are one of the three favorite places to go when you visit San Antonio . Theres more places but those are the ones that you can't go visit in other diffrent cities .