The Elf that got Fired

After, Jake, the elf got fired for drinking way too much eggnog on the job, he moved to mexico and got there by boat. He joined a mariachi band called the shorties. The elf, when he got fired from the band, wanted to open a toy story. His store, which was one of the biggest in the world, was finally his own. For awhile he was getting a couple elves from north and south to join. Wanting to make sure everyone was happy, he always had eggnog and cookies laid out.

Santa found out, by listing to the radio, there were elves working at the the new toy store. He decided he had to take a stand against this strike, by crashing the elf party. That night Santa got in ninja mode, and found out where the elf patry was. Santa, inside the elevator, jumped up to the fancy disco music in the elevator. But was calmed down by the time we got there. Santa, getting to the party, worked in the door. Approaching the door, Santa who was getting nerves. Santa, while listen to the elf speech, deiced that the elf could be the manger and keep the story. Santa went home happy and the elf was happy.