Cyber & Information Security Manager

Company: Brunel University


Kingston Lane,




Phone: 01895 274 000

Job Requirements:

You must hold a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certificate, this is a well appreciated credential for those with managerial and technical competence and is a must have in most IT security roles. The CISSP is not only a certificate that proves your excellence with IT security systems, but it is also globally recognised as a standard of achievement. The exam is 6 hours long and you need to answer 70% of the questions to pass.

It is required that you are sufficient with confidentiality skills as this job roll will require that you are aware of certain passwords or other security details of the company, you should be able to keep these private without sharing them with others as this is vital for the companies security. Confidentiality is vital for a lot of job rolls as many companies like to keep certain things private, such as new products that are being planned or new systems that they're going to implement, if this information got out then their competitors could use it for their own benefit and this wouldn't be a good thing for the company.

This roll requires you to be readily available, if someone had hacked the computer systems and you're not there to sort it out, it is vital for the company that you are readily available to come in and sort it out as soon as possible, otherwise the company could find itself facing larger issues that could possibly have been prevented if you were available to come in to sort it when the company first became aware of the issue. Availability is important in a lot of rolls as they may need you to come in on short notice for many reasons, if you're not available then productivity may be affected and issues may occur from operations not running as smoothly as they could be.

IT Project Manager

Company: ISL


34 Redfern Rd,


B11 2BH

Phone: 0121 706 0630

Job Requirements:

For this role you need to have had 4 years' experience of being an IT project manager, this is important as it allows the employer to know that you're able to do the role effectively as you've already had a lot of experience in that specific role. Experience is important for a lot of job rolls for this reason. Four years is the minimum amount of experience you have to have in order to apply for this role as it is the amount of experience that the employer would prefer you to have had at the least in order to work for their company.

You must have good organisational skills in order to do this job, if you are managing projects then there is a lot of information for you to handle and a lot of timing and planning decisions are left in your hands. As a manager you are required to keep on top of many things, if you're poorly organised it will prove very difficult for you to keep on top of everything and this could have negative effects on the company or the project that you're managing.

You must be agile, this is because there are many different projects that you may be required to manage, if you can't adapt to different projects to manage them in the most efficient way possible then things aren't going to be completed as quickly and may be of a lower quality. Agility is important in many different job roles because many jobs aren't always going to require you to be doing the same thing all the way through, so you have to be agile in order to adapt to the different requirements in order to get things completed in an efficient manner.