Martin Beirne For President

Building a Better Future

Martin Beirne

Martin Walsh Beirne grew up in Illinois in a small city outside of Chicago. He now lives in Washington DC. He has always been interested in Politics and is running for president. Even Though Martin likes politics and elections, he's not running because he wants to be in an election. And even though he wants to be president because he likes politics, that's not why he want's to be president either.

Martin Beirne For President Mission Statement

Martin Beirne For President is a campaign to elect Martin Beirne as president of the United States in 2044. We are tired of negative ads and politicians and lobbyists and their super PACKS using false information to win an election, and then not caring about the people, and not getting anything done. Democrats and Republicans have this problem, and both parties need to give in a little, compromise, and work together. Beirne's campaign is for all of us no matter race, religion, gender, or wealth.

Beirne's Top Issue's

#1 issue- Voting Rights for all Citizens

Sometimes politicians will look at polls, and see that they are not doing well with a certain amount of people, and then try to stop those people from voting. Terrible, right? Well, anyone caught doing that will have an automatic impeachment. Beirne also thinks that the voting age should 5 years old. Every American citizen who knows our voting system can have a voice in it. We also should be teaching Government earlier. We are all American Citizens. We would be the first country to do this, but don't forget who the first country was to have a republic and democracy.

#2 issue- Government Transparency.

Beirne believes in Transparency. Not the kind of Transparency you see on the Southwest Airlines commercials, Government transparency. This means that people have the right to know what the Government is doing. It is really important because this government belongs to all of us. He will require a press conference for every elected official twice a month. That way everybody will know what the government is doing.

#3 issue- Immigration

Beirne's position on immigration is simple. Make it easier to become an American citizen. You should only be deported if you are here to hurt us. The process to become an American citizen should be more simple. There should not be a punishment for becoming an American citizen.

Help Beirne By..

  • Helping out at your nearest Beirne campaign HQ.
  • Donating money to Martin
  • Telling people about Martin
  • Showing your support for Beirne
  • Voting for Beirne any chance you have.
  • going on

Education and College


The First thing we need to do is get rid of common core. Common Core does not help us. People who live in different places are used to diffrent things, but the questions on standardized testing and our common core program are national questions. For example, if a question on a test is "what is the average. temperature on a ski hill", a student in Vermont will easily get it right. But, a student in Arizona will have no idea what a ski hill is. They don't need to know. It's about time we teach locally. We should be getting rid of standardized tests. They don't show anything. They don't show if a teacher is good or if a student is 'smart'. If Beirne becomes president he will put an end to common core and standardized tests.

Affordable College For All

If you graduate from college, you might accomplish great things. Martin thinks you should be rewarded for doing that, not punished by college debt. If you go to college, you either paid for it or got into debt from it. The people that paid for it will be taxed to pay for the people that got in debt's debt. It's time we put a stop to only the wealthy accomplishing good things because the poor don't have enough money to.

Climat Change and a Cure for Cancer

This is a really big issue. Our world is going to burn out, and when that happens, our descendants are going to be really ashamed of us, that we had the chance to stop climate change, and didn't.

Sintics have been saying climate change is an issue. Democrats and Republicans need to agree on this. Martin is going to make more good greenhouses and science labs, and hire the best scientists in the world to work in these. We are also going to educate our students more on this issue, so that hopefully we will soon be abel to stop this issue. Sounds wonderful, right? But how are we going to afford this. Well, any companies that let off pollution will pay for it. That makes sense.

We are also going to get a cure for cancer. This will also happen by scientists in great labs. America was the first contry to invent a lightbulb, the first to fly an airplane, and the first to get a vacsine for polio. There is no reason why we can't do the same for cancer.