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Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

This week during reader's workshop we will be focusing on two skills that go hand in hand: QAR (question, answer, relationship) and TAG (an acronym for writing about reading). When students are answering (or writing) questions about a text, they need to understand how to find the answer. Sometimes the answers are visible, but other times you must infer or think outside of the box to find the answer. We will be looking at QAR and practicing the best way to answer questions using TAG. Finding evidence in the text is vital for proving your thinking. We will be practicing together finding evidence.

Our word study this week will focus on homophones. The last few weeks our word study have focused a lot on the skills that will likely show up on iRead. Homophones can be tricky. Noticing homophones with your child and talking about the differences can be a fun task. I will be sending home some activities for you to play to help with mastery of the skills.

Please remember to keep reading at home. This is truly the best 'homework' that can be done! Reading a story together and discussing it is a great way to see the level of understanding in your student. At the end of a chapter have them summarize the most important points.

Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

This is it! The last week to finish up those nonfiction books. Students are working on making final adjustments and additions to their work. Next week we will pull out the publishing paper and they will create their final draft. I will be making copies of the books for our classroom as well as sharing them with our penpals in Italy. The original will go home.

Our next unit will be opinion/persuasive writing. This will be a shorter unit.

We will have another writing celebration for these stories. I am working on scheduling it.

Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

Last week we finished up our new content on fractions. We reviewed with a Kahoot on Friday, and will take a short quiz on Monday. We will then be diving into geometry, 3rd grade style. We will be covering line, line segment, rays, parallel, intersecting, and angles and turns. We will also cover shapes, symmetry, and congruent in the next week. This schedule should then give us a week to review some mathematical concepts more in depth before iStep. We are also always spiraling and reviewing with morning work. Please keep practicing multiplication facts as well as going back and reviewing addition and subtraction mastery.

I have to also share with you some of the numeracy talk/work that we have been diving into. Friday we did the following: I place 4 numbers on a grid and have the kids tell me which number doesn't fit, and they must say why. There is no right or wrong answer, but many right answers. They always amaze me at their creativity and thinking. Which number do you think doesn't fit? See the picture below:

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Specials Next Week:

Library -Tuesday - Please remind student to bring books from home! We have several students forgetting every week!

M - Tech

T - Art

W - Music

Th - PE

Fri - Tech

Valentines Party

Our Valentine's Party is this upcoming Friday. Below you can find the link. I am also attaching a class list for you do go by. If you would rather just have your child fill out the From: portion of the Valentine and then pass them out, that is perfectly fine with me. It also saves time. Some kids want to personalize the Valentines. I am fine with either way. If you plan of coming to the party, please remember to have a volunteer form on file in the office.

The following is a link to our last holiday party of the year.!/showSignUp/10c094baca62aa2ff2-mrs1

Jump Rope For Heart is here!

Last year, Hinkle Creek raised $9,900 for the American Heart Association. This week, students will be bringing home information sheets about donating. If you haven’t already, please register for our school team at or by searching Jump/Hoops in the app store on your mobile device. Our students are learning all about what they can do to keep their hearts healthy, and how they can help others by collecting donations for the American Heart Association. We are a healthy and service-minded community! The final day to turn in packets and donate online is February 29. Questions? Contact Mr. Yount

Have an amazing week!!

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

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