Week 23 Noticias

Progress Report sent TODAY!

This week's assignments

These assignments will be testing your ability to conjugate the stem-changing verbs PREFERIR and QUERER. Be sure you have practiced and learned these conjugations!

  • U7.7 Mi Familia (16 pts.)
  • U7.8 Writing (21 pts.) - Review well PREFERIR and QUERER in Section 2C
  • U7.9 Writing (16 pts.) - Review well possessive adjetives Section 2E


Most of you have done a fabulous job keeping up and catching up after the weather days. If you are still more than 2 assignments behind you need to contact me, 919-617-6399 and we will create a work schedule to get you on pace.

Plan ahead! There is a possiblity of weather interruption this week. While your face-to-face (f2f) classes will be kicking their schedule out, online learning schedules do not change. So mentally be prepared to take advantage of any at home time to get some good online learning done.

You will notice that the writing assignments are becoming more often the form of the assignments. Work with this. The Final Exam, worth 25% of your grade, is heavily based on writing. The effort you put into your weekly writing will pay off as you will develop the skill to do well on the Final Exam.