Inventive Thinking

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Invention Convention Resources

For those who are participating in the CCS Invention Convention...

Parent Letter and Intent to Invent Form - formatted for an "at home" project

Student Planning Packet

Student Inventor Journal THE JOURNAL IS REQUIRED.

Use this Video to Introduce the History of Invention

Timeline of the inventions that changed the world
Here is a Video Response Sheet that uses depth and complexity questions to get students thinking about the ideas in the video. It can be used with the above TEDed video link.

Do You Know How the Flexible Drinking Straw was Invented?

In this History of the Drinking Straw lesson students can read about how the flexible straw was invented, the interesting problem it solved and how it has changed over time. Students learn the SCAMPER method of inventive thinking to identify how new inventions were created from straws and then can use materials to create their own new drinking straw invention.

Play this timeline game to learn the history of inventions.

Start Thinking Like an Inventor

The US Patent and Trademark Website is a great place to let students explore the invention process, patents and creative thinking. There are lots of teacher resources that can help you engage students in discovery learning.

The Invention Mini lessons from Scholastic are ready to use invention lessons.

These Invention Convention Task Cards can be used to spur student thinking about inventing and can be used as a learning center.

Places of Invention

Places of Invention

What kind of place stimulates creative minds and sparks a surge of invention and innovation? To find out, students can click a pin on the map to start exploring. They can also add a new story for a place of invention that they know about. Visitors in the Places of Invention exhibition at the National Museum of American History will see their story on an interactive map.

Lighting over the Centuries

Lighting a Revolution accompanies an exhibition at the National Museum of American History exploring the process of invention. The story is told in two parallel sections comparing Thomas Edison's light bulb invention with several electric lighting inventions of a century later. Objects and graphics from both sections of the exhibition can be viewed on this site, as can the complete exhibition script.

Invention and History

American History and Invention is a resource from the Smithsonian. This multimedia site includes the following teacher-selected primary sources: a video on the electric guitar; lesson plans on the American office and the history of photography; and an Advanced Placement DBQ on technological changes between 1870 and 1920.

Multimedia Invention Lessons

By searching "inventions" in the "Gallery" on the Blendspace site, you can find teacher made multimedia units about inventions. Blendspace is an online platform to create and store multimedia units and lessons. It is easy to use and free!

Additional Invention Websites