4th, 5th, 6th

Math and Science--March 9th

4th grade

Math-4th grade is completing their study of multiplying decimals and have moved into dividing decimals. After completing the chapter they will review geometry and then new geometry concepts.

Science-They are working on a scope on plant and animal parts in STEMscopes. They have examined seeds from various fruits and vegetables and will investigate how plants get the water they need. They have also completed a venn diagram comparing and contrasting two different birds after designing their own bird and explaining the purpose of the feet, beak, body, and color.

5th grade

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Math—Fifth grade just completed their chapter on coordinate planes. They have learned about quadrants, ordered pairs, how to plot ordered pairs. They have worked with function tables, graphs, and equations and have tested over the chapter. We will begin with a review of geometry after Spring Break.

Science—They have begun their scope, Matter and Energy in Plants in STEMscopes. They are charting the growth of seeds that have air and water and have completed a comic strip with captions about plants and what they need to grow. They studied various ways plants can be reproduced and have started a project to grow plants hydroponically. We are happy to announce that we do have plants sprouting!

6th grade

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Science—The sixth graders are working on their new scope, The Geologic History of Earth, in STEMscopes. They have completed a visual vocabulary presentation and have worked with a scale of the geologic history of the earth. They completed questions and a bar graph on the various eras from Precambrian to Cenozoic and will do a study on rock strata.

They have also begun a study of Washington D.C. during journal time. They have researched the Pentagon and Lincoln Memorial so far as well as the Capitol and Ford’s Theatre, the Library of Congress, Martin Luther King Memorial,The National Archives, The World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument, and Arlington National Cemetery.

Upcoming Events



MANDATORY TRIP MEETING (4th, 5th, 6th) MONDAY, MARCH 19 at 6:00pm

Yellow Folders will go home Monday, March 19th instead of this Friday due to Spring Break

March 9–Spirit Day

Third quarter ends

March 19-23–Book Fair

March 19– Summer registration beginning

March 19- Washington DC/Austin trip meeting (6:00 pm). 4th, 5th, and 6th

March 20- 4th, 5th final trip payment due

March 22– Report cards

March 24– Open House

March 28–Ticket popsicle party

March 29– Egg hunts and spring parties

Human sundaes for reading challenge

March 30– No instructional classes