4th, 5th, 6th

Math and Science—May 18th

4th grade

Math-4th grade has been working on simplifying fractions and finding common denominators as they move into adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. They will concentrate on multiplication of fractions this coming week.

Science-They made amazing imaginary animals that included their sense receptors. They then presented their animals and described how the sense receptors were used by their animal. They will be doing a science review packet next week as we bring our year to a close.

5th grade

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Math—Fifth grade has been working on Chapter 9 on data and graphs and will finish the chapter next week. They will work on the chapter on measurement as they conclude the year.

Science—They are completing their scope on Food Webs this week and they learnedhow energy is transferred among producers, consumers, and decomposes. They have looked at food webs and have constructed food web mobiles showing how energy is passed from the sun through plants to the foods we eat. They will begin a science review packet next week.

6th grade

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Science—The sixth graders have completed testing various materials, both flat and shredded to see which will make the best thermal insulators for their solar ovens. They have tested materials and chosen the ones they feel will be best to insulate their ovens and plan to prepare S’mores in their ovens this coming week. They will then complete their STEM and do a review packet to end the year.

Upcoming Events

May 18–Parent’s Night Out

May 21-23–BOGO Book Fair

May 22–Lunch Bunch

May 24–6th Grade luncheon

May 25–Elementary Field Day

May 29–6th grade graduation (1:00 pm)

Kindergarten graduation (7:00 pm)

May 31–Last day of school