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Some exciting news- I have finally got our classroom Weebly up and running! Please refer to this weebly to find out information going on in our first grade classroom as well as our schedule, old newsletters, pictures and videos, as well as fun updates!

Check it out!

"Making Choices" Boot Camp Next Week!

In the first week's newsletter, I introduced our "Making Choices" Chart, which our students are being held accountable for their behavior and their choices they are making in class. The last two weeks have been trial run. For some students, the chart is working very well, but for others it seems to not be as effective as it should be.

In an effort to make our classroom run as efficiently as possible, I have decided to change the way our behavior chart looks and works. I will be sharing pictures of what it looks like on our classroom Weebly, as soon as I can.

This is how it is going to work:

Students will start on green, or "ready to learn." They have the opportunity to move up (just like before) to blue, meaning "outstanding", and purple, meaning "role model". Students that are deciding to make poor choices will move down to yellow, meaning "think about it", orange, meaning "make better choices", red, meaning "not first grade behavior" and a parent contact.

Students will still write the color they end on in their Responsibility Logs end on each day, so you can check on how they did.

When I introduce the new chart to the students on Monday, I will also be letting them know that they will be getting fewer warnings before I ask them to move down on the chart because we have been having trouble with following directions the first time. Students have the opportunity to move up or down the chart at their specials classes like art, music, gym and guidance/life skills, as well. So, the color your child ends on at the end of the day is a true depiction of his or her behavior during all of their classes.

Please do not be alarmed the first week of our new behavior chart if you see your child on yellow, orange and red. I will be holding them to a very high standard and expectation so that we can establish our expected behaviors in class.

The only way that this is going to be effective, is if I can have your support from home. Please talk with your child regularly about expected behaviors in school. If you would like further ideas about how to talk to your child if they end on yellow, orange or red, please do not hesitate to ask.


Positive Pennies!

Along with our new and improved "Making Choices" chart, I will begin to implement a positive behavior campaign called, Positive Pennies. Students will earn pennies when they are getting caught being great first graders. These pennies will be kept in a small bank, like a film canister, in their desk.

Students will earn pennies at the end of the day depending on what color they end on. Purple will earn three pennies, blue will earn two pennies and green will earn one penny. Students that end on yellow, orange and red will not earn pennies for the day. Students can also earn pennies by helping around the classroom, helping other students, have a neat and tidy workspace and desk, and showing proper behavior in the hall and bathroom.

Students will be able to use the pennies that they earn in our classroom store filled with small prizes once every few weeks.

Earning these pennies will promote not only positive behavior, but will also promote responsibility in keeping track of their banks, math skills in counting their pennies, and introducing the concept of saving money for a potential bigger prize like sitting next to Icey (our fish) for a day or eating lunch with me.

Stay tuned for more information on how it works!

Ms. Maher's Wish list!

Thank you to all the families who have graciously donated to our classroom. Your contributions are helping our learning each and every day!

Our current needs include:

Colored Sharpie Markers

Goldfish Crackers (For back-up snacks)

Graham Crackers (For back-up snacks)

Small prizes for our prize store

If you are able to help us at this time, please contact me at or through the contact form on our class Weebly!