News report on "Seventh Grade"

By Joshua Turner

New school

When victor came to his new school he had no idea what to expect. He's spanish boy that's started the 7th grade, and he's trying to make the best first impression he can. He met a couple of friends and on the first day caught the eye of a girl. Struggling in math it seemed to be a normal day at school and basically tells you how it can be to be a middle schooler in a new school from a totally different place.


1. What's the main reason Victor wants to take french? He already speaks english and spanish and he's been around spanish people all his life

2. How does Victor respond when Teresa talks to him after homeroom? He is really awkward and flirty because he likes her

3.Explain the events that happen after Victor tells Mr. Bueller that he speaks French? He actually doesn't know so he just said random sounds that sounded french