Narcissus & Echo

Narcissus was born from the nymph, Lyriope, and the River God, Cephisus.
Narcissus' parents were worried because of his beauty. They asked prophet Teiresias what to do and he said that Narcissus would grow old if "he didn't get to know himself. Narcissus was walking in the woods and Echo saw him and fell in love with him then started to follow him. Narcissus felt like someone was following him and asked who's there. As Echo repeated the words that Narcissus said, she revealed herself to him. She tried to get close to him but he rejected her and told her to leave him alone. Echo became heartbroken and never ate or drank anything so she withered away into her voice that could only echo people. Nemesis, the Goddess of Revenge, heard of it and decided to punish Narcissus. So Narcissus saw himself in a lake and was amazed by his beauty. When he figured out his love for himself could not last he killed himself. The flower Narcissus is usually found near rivers and lakes and took its name from the myth.
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