Why is 3D modelling used

Bridges,roller coasters&films

why design things on computers before building them?

Designing on computers

designing on computers is used before making constructions such as bridges and roller coasters because these sorts of things need to be visualised, before starting work they need to make sure of the following things;

  • It's safe
  • How it they hold up in different weather conditions
  • How much weight they can hold
And many more!

Also 3D modelling is used because its much easier to modify than say sketching where you would frequently have to rub things out and start again. As well of this there is a lot of maths involved that can't be rushed.

If things weren't designed on computer sites before hand and the designers went straight ahead and started making them, they wouldn't have a clue where to start and the amount of materials needed!

With films it's so much more convenient to design characters and animations on computers as oppose to creating a stop motion animation (like wallace and gromit) because that takes so much time and precision. Also it's easily put together on a computer and it allows it to be much more detailed, cartoons can have their own unique looks with the click of some buttons!

Finally it's easy to get feedback on and actually see if people like the idea and structure of the constructions before getting to work and starting to build them.