Building a computer assignment

By: Krishna


  1. Harpreet wants to start a photography business. She will start exclusively with engagement and wedding photos and hopes to expand her business from there. She has yet to start their business, so their budget is limited. They can spend up to $1,800 for their computer.

Software Requirements

Harpreet needs adobe apps such as light room, Photoshop and premier pro cc. These apps allow here to help improve the quality, rearrange, and fix up images, so everything can be a perfect picture. premier pro will help her create the wedding videos that will be remembered by everyone for ages. We gave her windows 10 proc, this way she will keep up to date with all the software and her work. We are also giving her go daddy for one year as she can promote her work to others.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware she needs is as CPU, RAM, Cd drive, Motherboard, Solid State drive, Graphics card, and a Power supply.


These are other things harpreet needs for her computer.


the total of the computer is $708.48