Math Mail from ESC2!

February 2022


What's inside this month's letter...

  1. Valentines to Math
  2. For the Love of Math & Black History Month
  3. Love Triangle Mania!
  4. Mindset Message from Math
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My Valentine to Mathematics!

We love math! In order show exactly how much we love math, we have made our own very special Valentine's Cards...

Student Valentines to Math

Have you ever thought of asking your students write a Valentine to math? Having students focus on their positive feelings about the subject can impact the students, their peers, and the classroom environment. It can also serve as a well-timed brain break. Why not try it this year?

Materials needed:

Scissors; Glue; Tape

Colored paper; Markers

Math Vocabulary

Positive attitude!

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For the Love of Math & Black History Month

We honor the life and work of

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Among the many things that Robert "Bob" Moses did in his life, he was a notable mathematician. Dr. Martin Luther King described him as an inspiration. Moses believed in his student's abilities and worked to promote math literacy. Moses founded the Algebra Project with the mission to deliver quality math education to every child in America. He believed that experiential learning was the key to connecting students to engaging, relevant, and meaningful mathematics. The Algebra Project targeted students who scored in the lowest quartile on standardized tests with the goal of having those students graduate on-time and ready to do college level math. Participants of the Algebra Project were motivated and inspired by Moses. One group of his students founded a separate organization with a similar goal of promoting math literacy. This month let us also be inspired by Robert Moses and ask ourselves, “What could we do to promote math literacy in our classrooms?”

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What do you get when you mix omniscience, romance, and geometry?


Check out our collection of Love Triangle fun on the explore board below. The links below showcase a variety of LOVE TRIANGLES that are all connected to mathematics in some way. If you have any additions to the collection, we would love for you to share them with us. Enjoy!
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How do you solve a LOVE TRIANGLE problem?

Simply decide which does not belong... easy, right?
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Discussion of Answer

This puzzle is great for math class discussions. There is no wrong answer!

  • The upper left does not belong because it is a heart and all the others are triangles.
  • The upper right does not belong because the font type is different than the others.
  • The lower left does not belong because the text is highlighted in red and the others are highlighted in pink.
  • The lower right does not belong because it is filled with the color orange while the others are not filled.

Find more puzzles like this one here.

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A Mindset Boosting Message from Math...

“It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.”

—Hanoch McCarty
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Building Fact Fluency Addition & Subtraction

Grades K-2 Manipulative Giveaway!------ Date: February 15, 2022------ Workshop #1777234------Free Manipulatives Given in this Workshop.

What's the Problem? Comprehending Word Problems in Math

Grades 3-5------ Date: May 13, 2022------ Workshop #1776958------ Learn scaffolding techniques and reading comprehension strategies to help students analyze word problems.

STAAR Power Hour: Grade 8

Grade 8: Testing Tips & Tools------ Date: Feb 15, 2022------ Workshop #1792120------ This is the first in a series of one-hour sessions. This session will focus on testing tips & tools including Desmos.

STAAR Power Hour: Algebra 1 EOC

Algebra I: Testing Tips & Tools------ Date: Feb 15, 2022------ Workshop #1792120------ This is the first in a series of one-hour sessions. This session will focus on testing tips & tools including Desmos.

Invigorate, Captivate, and Calculate with Desmos!

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