KHES Faculty Meeting

April 3, 2014

Pharrell Williams HAPPY, live performance Oscar 2014 Academy Awards FULL

Happy Birthday to You!

Rich – 3rd

Brenda – 12th

Rochelle – 14th

Kelly – 16th

Pauline – 20th

Sarah M. – 24th

Heart at Work

Please fill out a Heart at Work slip for someone who has done something SUPER special!

A Couple of Reminders

  • Please complete all Progress Monitoring that is due this week
  • Please talk with your students about cafe behavior. Some students have been asked to sit at the Tumbleweed table for things like: throwing food and being disrespectful to Caroline. If you have a seating chart or if you have asked your students to sit a certain way, it is important that that seating charts be shared with Caroline.

"A Look at Student Learning" by Alan November

Alan November: A Look at Student Learning and Our Future

It All Starts with Working Together

Don't Let Fear of Change Dominate Innovation

  • What should we be talking about?
  • Purpose will Drive the Quality of the Work
  • The $2,000 Pencil Problem
  • Finding New Ways to Engage Students

Ticket out the Door Today