A Pup-date

from Mrs. Mahoney, Hank and Shug

Welcome Shug!

Introducing Sugar Bear (Shug)...our newest therapy dog at Randolph! Shug turned one in late December and passed his Canine Good Citizen and Pet Partner Therapy Dog tests last Saturday. Shug can be found greeting students in the morning, saying goodbye at dismissal, participating in classroom guidance lessons, calming fears, cheering up and loving on "his kids". Shug joins his canine partners Hank (his big brother) and Tucker in Mrs. Johnson's Reading Recovery room.

Overflowing donations!

Thank you so much to all families and staff who donated items for the Student Council Food Drive! We not only reached our goal of filling three Food Bank tubs....but ended up with three OVERFLOWING tubs. This means our students will enjoy double prizes at our February lunchroom ticket drawing.

The Kindness Campaign Reaches Out

Last January, our students at Randolph began a kindness campaign that helped us to nearly rid recess of disagreements. We are continuing the campaign this year by sharing examples of kind deeds on a Kindness Board in Mrs. Mahoney's room. Not only have our students demonstrated their kind thoughts of others with the recent food drive, but two groups are going a step further. Student Council members have created activity books with special illustrated covers and messages of hope inside. Also our S.W.A.G. boys who meet monthly, have decorated pillow cases with artwork. All of these books and pillow cases will then be sent to Children's Hospital in Omaha. What a great way to share goodness from the heart!

Special Posters Appearing Soon in Our Hallways!

Sometimes the best lessons happen by accident. In a classroom guidance lesson on respecting others, 3rd graders watched a Kid President video that mentioned the issue of homelessness across the nation. This led to a discussion about how some students might feel "homeless" at Randolph if they feel like they don't fit in, or lack friends, or don't know how to go about getting help. All 3rd graders were invited to create a 8.5x11" poster that "advertised" the things available at Randolph that are there to help our students feel respected and supported. Out of these posters, 10 were selected (along with a few from our 5th grade student leaders) and sent to the LPS Graphics Dept. Here, they were enlarged to 18x24" and WOW did they turn out great! These laminated posters will soon be found around our hallways and are a great example of creativity and school pride. Check out the poster messages in the gallery pics below.