The Swiss Family Robinson

By Johann Wyss


When the ship wrecks on a reef, the whole crew of men and women jump on the lifeboats without waiting for the Swiss family. The kids fell asleep leaving their parents to watch over them. The next day, the family gathers everything worth keeping, including two dogs, Turk and Flora. When the family reaches the nearest island, they begin to make a new life on the island. There was many different terrains on the island, separated by canals. The family builds a house, captures a farm worth of animals, and their life on the new island seems to be normal. Then one person brought home something, something that hasn´t been seen since the wreck.
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¨Come back!¨, I shouted, but the angry ocean drowned out my cries.

PG. 10


Man vs. nature

The family is crashed on a ship due to a storm on the ocean. Forced to use nothing but what they find in the nature to build a house on a nearby island.


The setting of this book is on the ship during the storm.

Main characters!

Elizabeth is the mother in the story. She is a mother of four children and married to the father. She mostly stays at the house preparing or fixing/building something. She also takes care of some of the animals. She is very helpful, kind, and most of all, loving and enthusiastic!

Fritz is the oldest son of all four children. Since he is older, he helps more. There is a lot more for him to help with now that they have to restart their lives basically. Some things the younger brothers can´t do. He is very creative, adventurous, and helpful.


Theme: family/nature


¨If there is no struggle, there is no progress.¨ - Fredrick Douglas
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