Could You Live on Venus?

Created by: Nicole Mordi, Temi Alli, and Brandon Lee

Why We Could Be Able To Live on Venus

Some people on Earth think Venus would make an excellent planet to live on. There is a Goldilocks spot on Venus about 50 miles above the surface, and this means that it is not too cold or too hot on the Venus Godilocks spot. The pressure on the Goldilocks spot is similar to the amount of pressure on earth, so it would feel like you never even left Earth. I know what you're thinking, "How would humans be able to breathe on Venus?" Well, there is a good amount of nitrogen on Venus for people to breathe, feed plants, and basically stay alive.

Human Civilization

Venus has smooth, flat plains. These plains would make good land for constructing buildings and houses. Venus has 91% of Earths gravity, and the temperature above Venus is stable for people to stay. Helium based airships, powered by solar energy could be used to allow humans to live in the upper atmosphere. With this airship, we could avoid damage of buildings and homes. That would be a good thing also.
Sources say that human's can live comfortably above the surface of Venus. We could also bring earth like atmosphere to Venus and it will float there. If we could do these two things, life there would be easier for us. Venus also has some of the gases that we live and breathe in.


In conclusion, we think NASA should plan an expedition to Venus for us to collect more information to prove how beneficial for humans to start living on Venus. Based on all of the information we have, there is much evidence that supports the reason why humans can live on Venus.


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