We Need Wigmakers

By Hanya ,Vivian and Dylan

What do wigmakers do?

Wigmakers make wigs for men. The wigs are made of goat fur and sometimes made out of people's hair. Each time a customer comes to the shop the wigmakers greet them with a bow. The customer sits down on a chair and then the wigmaker puts a sheet around the customer's neck. Wigmakers make wigs for different people. Wigmakers teach apprentices how to make wigs. Wigmakers use measuring strips to make a pattern in the wig.

Why are wigmakers important

All men needed wigs for meetings so they bought wigs. Men don't always go there to get wigs. They also go there for a shave. The wigmakers are impotant because they make wigs. but it is very difficult to make wigs. You get hair from a goat then powder it, color it, and curl it, and then boil it. The wigmakers are important to people who are bald or have gray hair.

Important tools

There are a lot of tools that wigmakers use from goat fur to people's hair. All of the tools that wigmakers use are important. If one tool was missing they would use another tool. A comb is used to straighten people's hair. Goats fur is used to make the wigs for the men and boys. Shearers shave the goats without killing the goats. The wigmaker will dye the wig any color but red. Back then they didn't have razors so they used scissors. Wigs got dirty a lot back then so they used powder to clean the wigs. There are a lot more tools that wigmakers used.

Interesting facts

  • Most wigmakers start as an apprentice then a journeymen then a professional wigmaker.
  • There are more then 100 different wigs.
  • They pinned their hair into curls.
  • Wigmakers boil wigs but sometimes it burns!
  • The wigmaker always does what the customer wanted
  • One wig cost more then $250.00
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