Brett Cain Roots of Thought

Donatello was born in 1386 in Florence Italy, where he spent most of his life.

He was trained at the local goldsmith's workshop. He traveled to Rome to study ancient Roman ruins. Donatello also worked in Padua.

Donatello was a hard worker always learning or creating a piece of work. Many people requested him to create pieces or works for them. He traveled a lot! Most of Donatello's patrons were Churches. He was famous for statues and sculptures.

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The Statue of St. George

Created in 1416, this piece is currently located in National Museum of Bargello - Florence. Donatello broke away from the Gothic style of statues. He made this piece look very real. He could form the marble in a way that made it look like hair was real hair and clothes actually looked like real material.

I like the story behind the statue!!

I liked the story of St. George and the Dragon. Donatello created a sculpture that represents a brave young man's skill and strength. This statue looks very real. Donatello was committed to making his works of art look real. Realism is exemplified.

the Renaissance

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