craft artist

"The life so short, the crafts so long to learn".- geoffrey

craft artist tasks

1.create functional or decrotive objects by hand using a variety of methods and materials

2.cut shape fit join mold or otherwise process materials using hand tools power tools and or machinary

3.attend craft shows to market products

4. apply finishes to objects being crafted

5.sketch or draw objects to be crafted

working conditions

1.working overtime to meet deadlines

2.self employed artists can select their own hours

3.they may spend much time and effort selling their art work for political costumers or clients and building a reputation firms generally work a standard workweek

5.artists employed by pulishing componies

degree/ certificate/training necessary

training=fine arts,english, social science, natural science

degree=at least a bachelors degree


yearly salary range and state



yearly range:$17,09-$43,790

more infomation

3 other occupations similar to the craft artist potters manufacture,sewers hand,film video editors