Followers Are Called Christians


Christians have their Sabbath on Sunday and go to a church to receive teachings from the Holy Bible which is read by the priest. Their key beliefs are the Holy Trinity which is Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. They base their beliefs on the life and teachings of Jesus. Important celebrations are Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Christ an Easter which celebrates the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ which allows followers to live with god eternally in Heaven. Sacraments include Holy communion, when Christians share bread and wine to remember the last supper and baptism which marks Christians's entrance into the church. Worship leaders include ministers, preachers, priest and pastor. Holy cities include Nazareth, Jerusalem, Rome and Bethlehem. A holy place for Christians is the Church of Sepulchre. The three most common sects are Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

Similarities and Differences

These 3 religions are monotheistic, and they believe in Jesus and The God of Abraham and have other similar traits they share. They all have religious places where they practice, religious teachers, celebrations and all share the same holy city, Jerusalem. So they are generally similar but not very specifically. Christianity has more worship leader titles. They all have different holy books and days of Sabbath.