Howe's Happenings Week 16 2015-2016

German, ELA 9, and Reading Acceleration at LOHS

What did we do last year?

I hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing break with your children and families. Read on for a recap of our last school week of 2015 and some important information regarding the end of Semester 1.

Before break, ELA 9 students finished their Science Fiction novels and took the Science Fiction assessment, which counts as 10% of the course grade. When students return to school, they will be selecting one more independent novel to read and drafting, revising and polishing a personal belief statement. The personal belief statement also counts as 10% of the course grade.

Before break, Reading Acceleration students continued reading their independent novels, read an article about the importance of the ninth grade, and read, discussed and summarized a section of the Biology textbook on Cell Structure. When students return, we will begin QRI testing. You will receive an email with your child's assessment results. During testing, we will continue reading and discussing news articles.

Before break, German 1 students built gingerbread houses, discussed winter traditions in Germany, and researched typical and traditional German foods. When students return, we will continue studying food and drink and learn useful expressions for eating out. We also have a German food day coming up on January 13.

Exam Information

It's hard to believe that Semester 1 is almost over.

Here is some information regarding final exams:

The German 1B exam is very similar in structure to the German 1A exam. It consists of a speaking exam (introducing yourself to another person), a written exam (pen pal letter), and a listening, reading and culture test (52 multiple choice questions). Students will receive an exam description and review packet in class this week. Extra copies are available on Moodle. To provide students with plenty of time to work on the written exam portion, the speaking exams will take place on January 20, and the listening exam will take place on January 22.

Reading Acceleration students do not have an exam. They will complete an exit QRI, self-assessments and course evaluations in January. The final project is an independent text assignment using one of their current/a current high school textbook.

The 20% Exam Grade in ELA 9 consists of the Science Fiction Assessment (10%) and a personal belief statement (10%). Students have already taken their Science Fiction Assessment. The personal belief statement is due January 20. During the ELA 9B exam period, students will take a reading comprehension test. The reading comprehension test counts as 5% of the course grade.

While I'm not offering exact dates for exam study sessions, we will spend class time preparing for our exams, and I am present before school and after school each day.

Please encourage your children to check their grades, resubmit any assignments they would like, retake any tests they would like, and/or see me if there is anything else I can do to help them finish the term well.

Semester 1 Ends January 26, 2016

As the end of Semester 1 approaches, I just want to remind you of the following.

1. I am available for extra help each morning and most afternoons after school. I have B lunch, and students are welcome to come see me during lunch, if we share the same lunch period.

2. Students may resubmit any assignments or retake any assessments (or portions of assessments) up until the end of the card marking.

3. Extra credit is not generally available. It's also not generally necessary because of #2 above.

4. I want all of my students to be as successful as they want to be. Please encourage students to see me any time they need help.

5. I appreciate all of your support and feel privileged to teach your children!