By: Gabriel Armstead

A Growing Issue

Cyberbullying happens when a minor attacks another minor using some form of technology. Cyberbullying has led to many children commiting suicide and/or do something to harm other people. Most cyberbullies started bullying at the age of 9. The victims usually don't tell an aldut about the issue, which isn't helpful. Cyberbullying is more likely to happen to girls than boys. Most Cyberbullying happens over the phone because most teens have that in their possesion more often. Cyberbullying is a growing issue around the country, as you see more and more news about suicides. I believe that cyberbullying should be stopped and if you do cyberbully you should be punished.

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Bullying Awareness Week

Sunday, Nov. 16th, 12am to Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 12am


Support Bullying Prevention Week. This marks the events 12th year of support.