What happens in school

Shariah Williams

The most embarrassing thing you've ever done is probably humiliating.It could be awesome at first but a disaster at the end.It could be a dare from your friends.Sometimes you have to laugh and try not to cry like a baby.

What I did was awesome,it began when it was my first day at my new school,JKB. All I was thinking was ,"i bet there not going to like me".In my head.Was I right ,yes?As I walked in the class all I heard was Bryce laughing at me.As I sat down he starting laughing harder.Until this day I'm still trying to figure out what he was laughing at.

That was the most embarrassing thing ever.This is why I want to move back to Frisco.Everyday I still get clues from him.Most of the time it's just his moment to embarrass me.

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