Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * March 30th* Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

Crazy Hat Day

Donate a dollar and wear a crazy hat all day on April 2nd! Sponsored by the Student Council!

Class Reward!

Our class has earned another reward for great class behavior! We will watch a Spring movie and bring a fluffy friend to school on Thursday, April 2nd.



This week we’ll review Unit 4 Heroes and Helpers and celebrate all we have learned the past four weeks. We will review skills and take a Unit assessment. We will reflect on the big idea “We can all make a difference”. Students will vote on their favorite main selection story and create a reading response project for their favorite Unit 4 story. The students have embraced the theme of this unit and have been looking for ways to be heroes and helpers at Edison School!


We will continue our lessons in Narrative writing. We are learning the ingredients to an extended ending:

-a memory of the main event

-the main character's feelings

-the main character's hopes/wishes

-a defining action or decision

We will identify these types of endings in our favorite stories, rewrite endings to books and create our own amazing endings! Then to end the unit, we will take everything we have learned about narratives and write a final story that includes a fabulous beginning, suspense leading up to the main event and an exciting ending.



We have completed Unit 8, Fractions. On Monday and Tuesday, we will spend our math lessons reviewing and practicing the skills that were introduced. The Unit 8 test will be on Wednesday.


This week, students will observe and describe the properties of 12 rocks. Students will sort the rocks according to similarities and differences they observe. Then the students will be challenged to describe and discuss the properties they used to sort the rocks. After sharing, the class will sort the rocks according to properties suggested by fellow classmates.

Mark Your Calendars:

March 30th- Jump Rope For Heart Assembly

April 1st- Math Test Unit 8 Fractions

April 2nd- Crazy Hat Day

April 3rd-12th Spring Break

April 13th- Back to School