Room 3 News

Mrs. McCarthy

Week of December 14th, 2015

Schedule of Student Dress-Up Events for the Week:

Monday: Stuffed animal day

Tuesday: Snowman day (hats, scarves, gloves)

Wednesday: Mix-match day

Thursday: Twin day (Please remember to include as many people as you can - it is not limited to partners of two!

Friday: Pajama Day

Friday will be a very fun day: 8:30 Run Club, 11:30 Nutcracker Ballet Performance, 1:30 Holiday Craft in Room 3, 2:15 School Assembly

Language Arts - This week's skills

Comprehension Skill: Main Idea and Details: The author's most important parts of what they read is called the main idea. Details tell more about that main idea. Parent Information for Main Idea and Details Information en espanol:

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize: When readers summarize, they tell the most important parts of what they read.

Phonics: ch, tch, ph, wh

Spelling Words: every, from, into, people, soon, your, whip, catch, match, chin, chop, when

Dictation: Can you catch a whale with a net? How much did you eat at lunch?

Grammar: Past tense verbs: Verbs are action words. Action can happen now in the present or in the past. Verbs that tell about the past or something that has already happened are past-tense verbs.

High Frequency Words: every, from, into, people, soon, your

Robust Vocabulary:complicated, original, talented, astonishing, continue

Eureka Math

We have finished Module 1! We are beginning Module 2. This module serves as a bridge from problem solving within 10 to working within 100, as students begin to solve addition and subtraction problems involving teen numbers. Here is a reference to the beginning of Module 2 for parents.


All organisms have external parts that they can use to capture and convey information to help them survive and grow.