Carolina Heelsplitter

Lasmigona decorata

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Where do you find it?

Only in NC and SC (2 populations in NC and 6 populations in SC)

Pop. 1 (SC): Turkey Creek, Mountain Creek & Beaverdam Creek in Edgefield county

Pop. 2 (SC): Cuffeytown Creek in Greenwood McCormick counties

Pop. 3 (SC): Lynches River & Flat Creek in Lancaster County

Pop. 4 (SC): small stretch of the Gills River in the Catawba drainage

Pop. 5 (SC): Fishing Creek in Chester County

Pop. 6 (SC): Bull Run Creek in Chester County

Pop. 7 (NC): Pee Dee & Catawba River drainages

Pop. 8 (NC): Waxhaw Creek

Goose Creek in Macklenburg, NC, also

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Why is it endangered?

They require cool, clean, well-oxygenated water and their species are injured by poor water quality and habitat conditions. They are very sensitive to pollutants.

Protection for the Carolina Heelsplitter....

The Goose Creek Water Quality Recovery Program aims to guide efforts to improve water quality conditions in Goose Creek.