Geothermal Energy

Maddie Joyce, Jack Cahill, and sofia Aguilar


cost: Geothermal energy saves an average of 25 cents a month and it is easy to set up. Although it saves money it cost an average of 2500 to set up and take down. This system could have difficulties and it will cost a fortune to fix. Geothermal energy is one of the most cost efficient type of energy to use. Maybe you are now thinking of buying this system.


You can capture geothermal energy through geothermal power plants. Geothermal energy uses heat from inside the earth to generate steam to make electricity. Geothermal heat pumps get heat close to earth surface and use that heat to heat your water or a building. The earth is full of heat and that is geothermal energy. Geothermal power plants use heat from in the earth which makes steam makes electricity. Geothermal heat pumps which tap into heat close to earths surface and heat water and provide heat for buildings.

Development of the Tchenology

The first human use of geothermal resources in North America occurred more than 10,000 years ago with the settlement of Paleo-Indians at a hot springs where they used it as warmth, cleansing, and minerals. It was the first known commercial use of geothermal energy occurred. in 1904, Prince Piero Ginari Conti invents the first geothermal power plant. In 1948, geothermal technology moves east when professor Carl Nielsen of Ohio State University develops's the first ground-source heat pump. There are 21 power plants that make up 3'386 megawatts of installed capacity in the U.S. There are also 65 geothermal power plants in the world.

Concerns for Wild Life and Enviornment

Since geothermal powerplants put hot molten rocks near earths surface to get hot water. That drills into earths surface to get geothermal material. the pumps have a possibility of leaking and that's not good. EGS could happen where water is injected the gas goes through the system, 0co2, emission are foreseen desolved hot water may contain co2. When these fluids release and the pressure lowers they deposite calicite and co2.