The Roanoke Sound

By: Jackson Williams

What is the Roanoke Sound?

The Roanoke Sound separates the central Outer Banks from Roanoke Island, and offers a wide watery playground to explore. Originally an instrumental route for the East Coast's first English settlers, and still a popular destination for water lovers of all varieties, the Roanoke Sound is definitely worth a visit for anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors island-style. Anglers in this area have been known to reel in croaker, spot, grey trout and striped bass, and even the occasional flounder, black drum, bluefish and Spanish mackerel, making it a favorite fishing hole among the Outer Banks locals. This body of water shares imaginary boundaries with the Croatan Sound, the Albemarle Sound, the Pamlico Sound, and even the Atlantic Ocean via the Oregon Inlet, making it one of the most connected bodies of water along Eastern North Carolina. The only threats are that if there is a large amount of rain in a short amount of time than the sound will flood.