Mr. Frank


Mr. Frank was a nice fair man who made sure to take care of his family. He worked in the same place that held the Secret Annex. Mr. Frank was the person who kept peace within the secret annex. Mr. Frank was closer to Anne than her mother. Mr. Frank let Mr. Dussel come into the annex to hide even though Mr. Van Daan didn’t want Dussel in the annex or didn’t trust him. Mr. Frank was a peacekeeper and a leader.

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The symbol of the tie shows that he was the man of the house. He made big decisions like letting Mr. Dussel move in even though Mr. Van Daan didn’t want him in the Annex. Mr. Frank kept the peace between the members of the Annex. When the members of the annex got out of hand he stepped in to stop the conflict. He went over the rules to everyone in the house. He tells everyone, take off shoes, no noise, and can’t use the water closet.
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Courage gets you through the darkest of times

The theme is courage gets you through the darkest of times is seen throughout the story. Mr. Frank took a huge risk to move his family to an entirely new country. Mr. Frank took a risk and walked through the middle of town to get to the Secret Annex. Mr. Frank said “There were too many Green Police on the streets we had to take the long way around.” (373)

Another way Mr. Frank showed courage when a thief broke in and he went down stairs to check. When he came back up to the annex, he said “It was a thief. That noise must have scared him away.” (408)