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May 17-21 2021 - Principal Lunde's Weekly Update

2020-2021 Accomplishments

We are in the final 10 days of school for the 2020-2021 school year. To bring our year to a close, I thought I'd celebrate this year's AMAZING Accomplishments.
  • Community School Spirit thrived with energetic demonstrations of school spirit by wearing teal and blue every Friday. Spirit Wear purchases continued throughout the year!
  • Sparkly and fun community events like Family Maker Nights, Family Game Nights, Variety Show, and Virtual Paint Night.
  • A month long Virtual Maker World with amazing support and participation from the Tinkering Studio/Exploratorium, Sonoma County Office of Education STEAM Team, Scott Weaver, Caine Monroy, the UELF Teaching Staff, the UELF Students.
  • The Maker-Mindset persevered during distance and in-person learning with the support of the UELF Staff, UELF PTA, and Education Foundation.
  • Students are demonstrating growth in their learning in local assessments and during classroom formative assessments.
  • Weekly engagement with the UELF Garden virtually and in person, plus family work days provided throughout the year.
  • Transparent, regular communications between UELF Staff, Families, and Students using newsletters, photos and videos, emails, phone calls, social media and in person.
  • UELF PTA events like the Walk-A-Thon, Read-A-Thon, Staff Appreciation Lunches and monthly Dine & Donates.

If you or your Seawolf would like to share your AMAZING Accomplishments this year, please send it to Mrs. Lunde to include in next week's Principal Newsletter and UELF News.

5th Grade Promotion

The UELF Class of 2021 will celebrate their days at University with an on-campus promotion ceremony. The staff is thrilled to be able to recognize these students and be part of their next steps to middle school.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26 at 9am.

  • Each 5th grader gets to have 2 guests from their homes (A lottery will be offered for special circumstances for students.) Register with this link:
  • Family members can view the event using the GM LInk,
  • Every guest needs to be on the Guest List and complete the CrisisGo for him/herself prior to checking in on campus.
  • Guests will be provided seating at the event and this will be determined by the UELF Team pulling student names at random and placing family names on chairs.
  • A staff member will be taking photos for the 5th grade families so that guests can be in their seats during the event.

Please contact Mrs. Lunde,, if you have questions or would like to discuss the specifics of the event.

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Last Day of School

The final day of school for CRPUSD will be Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Due to the system outage on October 16 and school being closed, the district is required to provide 180 minutes of instruction. On Tuesday, June 1, students will log into a final morning meeting with their teacher and classmates, then they will be provided with a Choice Board that will provide the students with Summer Kick-Off activities. Please call/email Mrs. Lunde if you have any questions.
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Messy Room By Vincent B

Yesterday my room was a mess!

First, there were nerf darts everywhere. A spillage of nerf darts of all colors was by the closet. As I was walking around, nerf darts stuck to me. It felt like squishing oranges with my feet. It made my room look like a battle arena.

Second, the trash was scattered everywhere. Hundreds of snotty gooey tissues laid by the trash can. Snack wrappers were piled under my bed. Crumpled pages of homework flooded the room. They covered the floor like a blanket.

Third, a mountain of pillows sat on the bed. It stood as tall as Mount Everest. It would take an entire week to climb it. I was afraid a pillow avalanche would bury me alive.

Now it’s time for the long clean up.

My Messy Room By Selena G

Did you know that my room was so messy that my dad couldn't even open my door?

There were pillows blocking the entry. They were like a pyramid of sand. No one can get in or out. These head resters were like a stone wall! Also, toys were scattered everywhere you look. Hard baby dolls with red creepy faces in the corner. There was a Rapunzel doll in the middle of the floor with horrifying marks on her face. Soft dolls all over the desk taking up space. Last, it was a tornado of junk swirling around my room! Clothes were all over the floor like the dirtiest dishes ever. The clothes that have old, old orange juice that chant, “Step on me, step on me, step on me. The clothes look like evil goo! Obviously my room is the messiest of all the rooms.

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UELF Hybrid Learning Is Here

Call or email Christina Lunde,, if you have any questions or just want to talk and have someone listen to you. I am here to support your child and you.

Garden Classes

Wednesdays at 11:30am

Family Check-In

Thursday, May 20th, 4:30pm

This is an online event.

Meet with Mrs. Lunde to discuss topics around UELF.

GM Link

PTA Membership Meeting

Thursday, May 20th, 6:30pm

This is an online event.

Every UELF Seawolf Family Commits To:

Be part of your PTA and connect with the families of our school.
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