Abigail Adams

Olivia Jordan

Family Life of Abigail Adams

  • Abigail husband was John Adams they got married in October 25th 1764
  • Her husband was the second president of the U.S
  • One of her sons was John Quincy Adams, He was the 16th president

3 Important Facts

  • Her husband and son served as presidents
  • Didn't have the best education, but she new how to read and write
  • Gave advise in letters to people

Abigail was Famous For

  • Writing many letters of advise
  • Second person to be the First Lady of the U.S

Role in The Revolution

  • Wrote letters of advise and wisdom to people
  • Gave support

Life After The Revolution

  • Husband was in the white house for two terms
  • He lost the next election and they returned home
  • Abigail returned maintaining there house
  • John returned farming