Shoal (Holocaust)

By Jaden Ferguson, Chene Noel, and Maddie Vinson


The holocaust was one of the largest genocides in history. (1941-1945) killing approximately 6 million Jews, and 5 million non Jews. They were sent to concentration camps, some having gas chambers for mass extermination. The holocaust is a word from Greek origin that means "Sacrifice by fire."



The cause was the Nazi philosophy spread throughout all aspects of life in Germany, until there was no one left to protest the holocaust. Hitler blamed the Jews for the Germans loss of WW1. The Jews didn't want to fight in WW1 and hitter took that as a sign of betrayal. Hitler have speeches to Germans to intentionally brain wash them into following in his "glory." The Nazi party wanted to expand their power across the globe to achieve world domination.



konzentrationlager(Concentration Camps) were establish soon after Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933. Concentration camps were held in cities all of over Germany.

Vernichitungslager(Extermination camps) specialized in annihlations of unwanted persons[jews], which also played a central role in the holocaust.

Ghettos were places Jewish people lived and conditions they were living were miserable, The Germans ordered Jews the in ghettos to wear identifying badges or armbands and many Jews to perform forced labor.



Hitler and the nazi party not only committed mass genocide, they tried to exterminate all Jews. Not only those in Germany, but from all over the world as well. There were many groups considered inferior to Nazi's, mainly those with different physical characteristics. Such as body appearance and skin color. Homosexuals, gypsies, and individuals with mental differences and other religious beliefs were targeted as well. Hitler has the power of dictation, he wanted a population change. He wanted those to follow and live who are of his appeal. This mass genocide was all appointed to exterminate those who are "weaker" and "different", and those who are Jewish. The holocaust was known to be as the greatest act of hate and anti- semitism.

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: Daily Life in the Lodz Ghetto