Youtube Trouble With Teens

By: Alexis Floyd


Lately, nationwide, teens have been performing life threatening stunts to become "famous" on Youtube. Like in 2009, a 15 year old soaked a basketball in gasoline, set it on fire, and planned to shoot a perfect three-pointer. He had always dreamed of becoming a Youtube star and he thought that this was going to be his moment. Well, his idea didn't go as planned and unfortunately, his clothing caught on fire. The boy was rushed to the hospital and given emergency care immediately. He survived, but he is going to to have scars forever. When teens do these things, it doesn't mean they aren't thinking, studies say that they know what they are doing they just do it anyway

Who is to blame?

Many people say that Youtube is to blame and they need to ban these kind of videos. Thankfully, Youtube has banned these kind of videos and are checking all over the website everyday for videos that have violated the rules. Some say that it is the parents fault and that they are responsible. There are many arguments but no one should be doing any kind of dangerous stunts no matter who is responsible.

what is the reason for this

The main reason for these problems are peer pressure, and just wanting attention. now, most people laugh at people who fail at stunts. they think of it as a joke and as if it is a good thing and its not. Also, many teens are pressured to do these kind of stunts, and sometimes they don't want to do these things but they want friends more than they want their safety.

History behind it

Back in the Greek and Roman times, comedians would make people laugh by running into walls, falling of stage, tripping etc. So thousands of years later people are taking it to more extreme levels and setting things on fire and climbing tall buildings in weird ways. Although this is a big problem, many people are working to stop it.