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The receiver side. This part is referred to as the Protocol, in what language as both transmitter and the receiver must be able to understand that the signal can be understood at the receiver side. Bluetooth After the computer made its entrance, there was also a clutter. So, they developed Bluetooth; a protocol for radio transmission of data between electronic devices such as computers, printers, headsets, mobile phones and the like. These cables are often not very long, but you quickly get a lot of them lying.

Hence, came the desire to develop a digital radio communication protocol that is able fm tamil online to handle the desire for cable-free computer workstation. In early 1998, puts a group from Erickson, Nokia, IBM, Toshiba and Intel together to develop a wireless low cost communication protocol short-range communication at most 10 meters. The system was named after the Danish king Harold Bluetooth and the logo was rune the letter H similar to an X and a B. Bluetooth Special Interest Group The system has gradually gained ground in a number of countries, making communication protocol defies borders and is gaining use for many purposes, both between two or more user systems.

Objectives of the wireless short-range transfer of tamil fm list pictures, video and text between communication devices are fm tamil online often made using. Bluetooth. Like many headsets using Bluetooth as a wireless communication to the mobile phone. Therefore, the wireless transmission of sound hearing aids also a choice for communication between electronic equipment mobile phones and hearing aids. The technology behind Bluetooth The first generation of Bluetooth version 1.1 is sent as FM, but on the license-free 2.45 GHz ISM band, shared with other services such as. wireless communications network. Bluetooth uses frequency fm tamil online hopping, radio tamil news which is not sent and received at one fixed channel, but in an agreed pattern 1600 frequency hopping per. Second 79 different channels with1 MHz spacing, which complicates unauthorized interception and improve the quality of data transmission.

Just sharing with other services means that interference may occur in Bluetooth communication, if sending with wireless networks nearby. Therefore, to the next generation version 1.2 is introduced adaptive frequency hopping so that the automatically and switch to unused frequencies, thereby avoiding multiplication/ interference with other transmitters, to ensure good transfer of the signal. At the same time, there has been an increase in transmission speed from the then 720 bit/ s to3 Bit/ s, which is about gives an effective transmission rate of2 Obits/ s. Bluetooth communication between two or radio tamil news more units, takes place bidirectionally, which means that communication is not one-way, but is done with alternating modtagelse- and consignment.

The first active device, to the role of master, controls the timing and determines the order of frequency hopping. The physical equipment around the master, together form a picket a dynamic network consisting of one master and up to seven slave units, which is controlled by the master's frequency hopping and is synchronized to the master clock. Bluetooth also supports communication between several picket scatter net, preferably with full transmit power since frequency hopping is used. Here master a kind of semi-master, as it is master for scatternettet, but is in command.