Shel Silverstein

By Connor Browder

The life of Shel silverstein

Born in Chicago, Silverstein began drawing at age 12 by tracing the works of Al Capp.He graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School. He began studying art at the University of Illinois but was forced to leave due to bad grades.In 1953 he was drafted by the US Army and served in Japan and Korea.His interests are cartoons, writing, singing, and theater. Silverstein was born into a Jewish family and later in his life had two children. His first child was daughter Shoshanna (Shanna), born June 30, 1970. He died of a heart attack. His body was discovered by two housekeepers Monday, May 10 1999. It was reported that he could have died on either day that weekend.

Little Shel Silverstein

His parents were Nathan and Helen Silverstein. He grew up in a lower class neighbor in the Logan Square area of Chicago. He began writing as a young boy with his own style. He was not familiar with poets Thurber, Benchley, Price, or Steinberg, and did not see their work until he was around thirty.

Shel graduated from Roosevelt High and attended the University of Ilinois, but was kicked out of school after a year. He had majored in art. He then attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts for a year then studied English at Roosevelt University for three years until he was drafted into the army. He said he regretted going to college because he could have seen the world during that time.

Why I chose Shel Silverstein

I chose him because.................................

I chose Shel Silverstein for my Author because all my life I've read his big and I've always loved them. I always thought they were funny and always told you a lesson in a fun way. I think Shel Silvestin is an interesting and funny Author. That is why I chose him for my author.