Ender's Game

The Odds won't always be stacked in his favor

A great book even for non Sci-fi readers.

The Chapters of life nearly came to an end when the buggers attacked

The world is united under the fear of annihilation. In order to survive humanity has decided to raise an army of soldiers unlike anything ever seen before, and strike first

Out in the dark reaches of space

A schools has been built. Something that's never been seen before. That is the battle school, a military academy for the young minds of extraordinary talent.

Young boy Ender isn't just any average kid

The whole world has dropped the burden of leadership on Ender's shoulders, but will the stress make him snap before time runs out?

Just think...

Imagine that everything is made harder for you no matter how good you are. After each trial, someone thinks of something more intense. No matter how much you prove yourself capable there is just no break for you. That is Ender's life.

Everyone keeps telling Ender his enemies are the buggers, yet it seems as though the school is against him.

“I've lived too long with pain. I won't know who I am without it” ― Orson Scott Card

A critically Acclaimed Novel soon to be film. Catch it November First!

So read it now so you can compare the two