Why you Should Adopt a Pet

You Can Make a Difference

Eight million animals were handled by by animal shelters in the past year. Of those only half were adopted. The other half was euthanized because they were not. You can change that. One pet you adopt is one pet that isn't euthanized, one that isn't put down, one that isn't gone from this world.

Shelters VS. Farms

If you decided to get a pet it is important you know where you're getting it from. There are two options: adopting from a shelter or buying from a breeder. Though there are many responsible breeders, often the breeder is more concerned about the cash rather than the animal. These types of breeders are associated with animal farms or mills. In these farms the animals are undernourished and kept in harsh environments. Adopting from a shelter would cause these farms to lose business and eventually shut down ending the cruel treatment of the animals. The other problem is that these farms have a purpose of making many puppies and when they aren't bought then they are given to shelters adding to the amount of animals there causing more to be euthanized. Therefore no matter what if the farms are bought from then the animals in the shelters are put down.

Want to adopt a Pet?

Use this site to locate a shelter and/or pets for adoption near you: http://www.petfinder.com/