Martin Luther

Father of Reformation

News updates

. nailing the 95 mistakes of the bible on a sheet of paper to the church door

translated the new and old testements into german

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1. “good job on speaking up”

2.”hopefully people will see that your trying to make a positive change”

3. “time for changes”

About me

born on November 10th 1483, he was a german professor of theology, priest composer and former monk. was mostly known for finding n95 mistakes in the bible. Was also known for making the bible availabe to all people. past away in February 18 1546

People I would like to meet and why

I would like to meet Suleiman the Magnificant because he is a good leader

2. barack obama cause hes a bad leader


Music: ke$ha

Movies: the notebook

Television Shows: bubble guppies

One blog entry

i have shown that the bible was in fact incorrect and that it should be offered to all people of religion.

Freinds and enemies

Friends: abe lincoln

Enemies: people

If this person was alive today

Friends: george washington, abe lincoln good leaders

Enemies: barack obama bad leaders

Facebook style

  1. conflict

  2. drama



table cloth clothes ands iorning boards