e-Learning @Rossett

Edition 7

App of the fortnight: Tellagami

Tellagami is a free creative app that allows you to make a short animated video. It is extremely simple to use; allows you to customise a character and background and speak or type in what you want the character to say. It's a great app for a review or mini-plenary within the lesson for students to demonstrate understanding of a particular topic or concept. Suggested by Mike Sweetman!

Reminder: Year 7's will have iPads from week beginning Monday 18th November...be ready to integrate them into lessons.

E-questioning Techniques

One of the key focuses with Rossett training through TLC's this year has centred around questioning. First thoughts often incorporate ideas such as hinge questioning, peer, open/closed, funnel, to-me-to-you, hot-seating e.t.c. However, there are numerous way that different apps can allow for a whole array of types of questioning to challenge students further and provide variety in the classroom. A few ideas are as follows:

  • Flashcard*- allows you to either make question cards for students or for students to make them for each other. Appear like little revision cards.
  • Socrative- set either multiple choice, short answer or long answer for students to work through with their answers appearing on the board and data created for you about student progress.
  • MakeDice Lite- in groups, students could create a dice with a set of questions on before swapping ipads with another group and having a go at answering them. Alternatively for a quick, easy connect or review, the teacher's MakeDice could provide questions for the class as a whole.
  • NameSelector- Easy random name selector to aid with random questioning.
  • Sock Puppets- works in pairs where one student will speak a question into the app whilst recording and the other has to answer it whilst recording. Take it in turns.

Fulford meets Rossett to share good practice!

On Thursday, 2 teachers and 5 students with the role of being digital ambassadors came to Rossett from Fulford School. The students presented their life as digital ambassadors and all that they had achieved, including training staff, attending conferences and developing their skill-sets in many different ways. Their confidence and experiences were inspiring to Rossett's own digital ambassadors who are now keen to learn from Fulford and put ideas into motion. Rossett will be returning the favour when our digital ambassadors go to Fulford to enhance knowledge their of e-learning with a particular focus on the ipads. A great little partnership has formed with the sharing of good practice via the students.