Aimee Carter

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In my book Queen, Kitty Doe has been masked as one of the most popular girls in the world, Lila hart. Kitty was masked because she thought lila was dead. It turns out that lila is still alive and now they're are two of the most popular girls in the world. One of them will be killed. Kitty Doe obtains some very valuabe information about the prime minister, Daxton Hart. Kitty ends up going into daxtons office and takes this information. Daxton finds out and sends kitty doe to elsewhere. A prison for extras in society that earned a low rank on a test. Kitty is a part of the blackcoats. (a gang trying to take over society and make it right again) In elsewhere, the blackcoats are planning on raiding elsewhere to warn daxton to step down from power. Daxton does not like this and ends up bombing elsehwere. The prime minister thinks he killed everyone in elsewhere, including kittys boyfriend and knox. Kitty breaks out of elsewhere and meets daxton at his house where she has a fight with him and ends up killing him exposing his secret to the whole world.
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My character

I chose Knox because he is a very intelligent man. He makes good decisions for the people he loves and for himself. He played a very vital role in this story and thats why i like to think i am like him.


"one chance is all we need" I chose this quote because in life, you have to capitalize on the opportunity's you have, because you don't get a lot of opportunity's. But when you do, you have to make it happen.


I recommend this book to people who like books with twists and turns. This book will you keep you glued to your seat. You will not want to set this book down. So yes i do recommend this book.
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Main Conflict

Kitty is in a different persons life and wants to get out of it but in order to do that, she needs to corporate. This picture represents the main conflict because kitty has to give up everything to work for these people and is basically told what to do. She cant do anything she wants. This is like climbing up a mountain because what she is doing is very challenging and so is climbing up a mountain. She also has to expose daxtons information to the whole world.

Questions i Would ask the Author

Why did you choose this type of story

Why did you choose to have a girl masked

Why did you write this book

Why did you kill people off this book

Why did you put a rank type society in this book.

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