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Tonight I was trying to have a teaching moment with Gabby who is 7. We are planning for company and I needed help picking up and folding the blankets she got out to make a tent. As I was helping her and showing her how to fold a blanket Gabby lets out a gasp and says, “IT’S HARD”. It reminded me of how learning anything new can be hard. I barely remember learning to tie my shoes. Do you? Remember the maze of string you twisted and wrapped hoping you were doing it correctly only to end up with an untied shoe? I remember giving it shot and then giving up in frustration. Time would go by and I would try again. Eventually I learned how to tie my shoes and so did you. It was a learning process and at the time, it was hard. The process of learning includes failures and mistakes. It reminds me of the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. Gabby will eventually learn to fold a blanket just like I learned when I was her age. This reminds me of how in leadership growing and learning new skills is a process and can be hard. I have more examples of how I felt I failed along the way in my MOPS roles than I care to remember. Why do we remember these? Because we want to master the skill and the feeling of failure is the pits. If it weren’t for the encouragement of those around me, I’m sure I would have given up. But isn’t it amazing when you get one comment like, “you are doing a great job” which makes all the difference in the world! What new skill are you wanting to learn yet find hard? Or better yet, what skills are those on your team learning and may need encouragement? Take some time this week to encourage your team. Celebrate their successes and encourage them when they feel like they have failed or the job is hard. We have all been there. We are all in leadership together. I Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”


· Central/West Regional Call: Wednesday, March 25th at 1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern Call in: (805) 399-1000 access code: 423586

· Only 19 AC’s have filled out the survey from AC Training. Please go out today and fill this out so we can plan well for next year. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2015ACTraining


· Budget – We want you to use your budgets but if you choose to donate your resources, please go ahead and submit them in the budget tool and mark, “Do not reimburse”. This helps us track how much you invest into this ministry. Change to submitting date: Please turn in all receipts by the 5th of the following month. So if you make a purchase in March, please submit your receipts by the 5th of April. This helps our accounting to close out months with more accuracy.

Renewal Webinar Update: Scheduled for Monday, March 23rd at noon central. (10am pacific, 11am mountain, 1pm eastern) http://mops.adobeconnect.com/mvs/ No call in number is necessary.

· All DVDs for upcoming CLTs have been mailed to MVS. If you have the opportunity to test your DVD in the device you will play it on prior to the event, please do so! Example: The DVD played from my DVD player, but it didn’t when I pressed play at my event. Instead I had to use the remote to scroll to segment and then press “Select” or “enter” or “ok” option on the DVD players I tested this on. It would be unnerving at a live event not to test to know how it will work on the device you are using.

o If using computer DVD player they must click in the tiny line beneath the segment to play the piece and you need to stay close to the controls as each segment will stop after it’s complete and a manual effort will be needed to move to the next segment.

· Next MVS Connect Call is scheduled for April 15th at 11am Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern. Call in 559-726-1200 access code: 859253. The playback from this weeks call can be heard by dialing 559-726-1299 access code: 859253

· MVS Preview Theme Release: The video for YOUR EYES ONLY can be seen by going to http://youtu.be/nPPlFRG4xtU. An attachment is included in this update which unpacks the theme.

· Please take some time to review these materials and then take our MVS Guide Quiz.https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MVSGuideQuiz2015

o By Completing this quiz you will be entered to will a $50 Visa Gift Card. Quiz should be completed by March 27th.

· Dropped Group Process is attached. Please take some time to read over this material and save it for future reference.

· Updated Renewal and Membership Information is attached and will be updated on the website. Please take some time this month to review this material and be familiar with it. The highlights are listed below:

Goals for Teams

#1’s 75%

#2’s 87%

Organizational goal 86% (2700 groups renewed by June 30)

Link for renewal: www.MOPS.org/renewal

End of March:

Invoice mailing to church

Renewal Email to Church Contact

Renewal Email to Coordinator and Finance

Pastor letter to #1 groups for first renewal cycle

Spark newsletter article

Renewal reminder postcard to current coordinator

Reminder email blast - Renewal is coming soon!


Connections mailing with Hello, Darling

Renewal live!

Renewal $159 (1 renewal per church and covers all groups at church)

Additional kits $45

Renewal blast #2 (all eligible)

e-newsletter weekly

All groups eligible to Auto renew (Agreement sign date of Dec 1, 2014- March 31, 2015) will be auto renewed and receive email.

Auto renew memberships for MVS so they get membership kits at first mailing

Renewal Incentives

Renewal incentive: Renew in April to receive 1 free membership for offer valid April 1 – April 30 MUST USE this membership BY JUNE 30. This is a change - make sure to alert your leaders!

Spring Membership $22.95 buy 10 get 1 free until June 30.

After July 1 – membership is $24.95 buy 20 get 1 free.

Jennifer Martin

Regional Developer

MOPS International