The Scottsboro Boys

Alyssa Howell

Important Information

  • The Scottsboro Boys were nine African American youths from Scottsboro, Alabama
  • They were accused with raping two young woman on a train, on March 25, 1931
  • This was such a controversial case because many people saw it as racial discrimination
  • The Scottsboro Boys were moved from prison to prison awaiting their trial to come
  • in the end, they were all let go, but they were on parol


The Most Honest, Fair, and Reliable Judge

Haywood Patterson (the eldest of the boys), had had many trials. But on his second one, he had a judge who, looked past color, and saw the truth. Hortan saw this as an opertunity to help Patterson. He talked to the doctor who had checked the girls, and asked him some things. The doctor told the truth and said he belives that the girls were lying. Horton Sat Patterson free and made it clear that it should be fair treatment to all, regardless of color.


Time Line

  • The nine boys were hitching a ride on a Sothern freight train
  • A fight broke out when a young black steped on a white mans hand
  • The train stationed and was searched imitently
  • Two girls were found sitting in a corner, wearing boys clothes
  • The blacks were accused almost right away
  • They had a trial and all, but the youngest, were sentenced to death
  • Many more trials later, all but five, were set free
  • Later, one by one, they all got to leave prison
  • In the end, Clarence Norris was the last of the nine men to die



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