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BRAIN RULES, by John Medina

This could be the best book you ever read for teaching, parenting, and living your life. Gain clock hours while never leaving your school or home. You can be anywhere and take this class. Have Internet Access? Own the book? Earn clock hours.

You will learn to understand your own brain and thinking better, in order to act with integrity and confidence in any situation, especially those that cause you stress. You can uncover the main ideas of this quick and informative read and correlate them to the state eight Teacher Evaluation Criteria and as a result inform your own teaching or parenting. Learn why (5) fostering and managing a safe, positive learning environment is critical to our brains.

Learn about the potential once a teacher or parent can, (3) recognize and individual students learning needs and developing strategies to address those needs can help a student grow and develop more quickly.

You will write, think about, and participate in online discussion forums as well as at least 2 webinar discussions with your peers and colleagues. This is an easy to read and informational book for teachers, parents, and grandparents.

Some of Dr. Medina's most exciting research and commentary center around the 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School.

You will discover how:

*Exercise improves cognition

*Every brain is wired differently

*We are designed never to stop learning and exploring

*Memories are volatile and susceptible to corruption

*Sleep is powerfully linked with the ability to learn

*Vision trumps all of the other senses

*Stress changes the way we learn (#5 of WA State Teacher Evaluation Criteria)

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Instructor: Nicole Swenson

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10 Clock Hours available

FEE: $75

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