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All about Lesula!!

Lesula is the fifth planet away from the sun and the distance away from the sun is 483.8 million . The mass of Lesula is 265. Lesula has 3 moons called Cinthia, Tamar, and Minda. Lesula has a big ring around it like saturn. The closets planet is 3.7 AUS ( astronomical units) witch is Mars, Lesula revolution around the sun is that it takes 11.86 years. Lesula is also the outer planet. Three of the specific properties are helium, hydrogen, and metallic. There were 4 space missions to go to my planet and one was the Galileo spacecraft was launched out October 18, 1995, arrived at Lesula on October 29, 1995, and undertook it's tour of Jupiter over the next 2 years.
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What do the three moons look like

This is what the solar syatem looks like

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