Tansill Tribune

Week 4 - September 4, 2015

A Note from Mrs. Tansill's Desk

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

BYOD will begin after Labor Day! I know the students are very excited about this and so am I! Students may begin bringing their device. I have decided that they can bring it everyday since we have a technology center in both reading and math. Please make sure they know how to use it and that it is charged. They also must have Brookwood Elementary bookmarked or set as their default on their web browser since they are unable to type in web addresses per BES policy. I will teach them on Tuesday how to log in to our school network. Remember, if your child has not brought in a SIGNED BYOD agreement, they are not allowed to bring a device. The BYOD agreement is located on my eClass page if you need another copy to sign.

This week we took many of our first tests. They did an awesome job! I try my best to grade all papers during my planning time to give you immediate feedback and keep you informed of your child's progress. Grades are entered weekly, so please make sure you are checking the parent portal weekly. If you do not have access to the portal, please call the office and they can assist you in creating a portal account.

Please note that reassessments can only be given when students have received below a 70 on an assessment. I then must average the two scores together per BES policy. I cannot take the higher score. Since the student is given the same test again, I cannot send the test home to practice. Please continue to study the same materials as before and remember all the resources available on eClass!

I hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend. NO SCHOOL MONDAY!!! Enjoy this break and time with your family. I look forward to seeing all the students on Tuesday!


Word Wall: will, each, about, how, up

Spelling Pattern: flag, plan, flat, stop, spell, slid, clap, slug, skip, sled

Please study sentences that are sent home on Wednesday's as well as these words using Spelling City on my Symbaloo at the bottom of my eClass page.